US Army experienced long-range artillery shells with a jet engine


The US defense contractor conducted field tests of the tactical engine to increase the range of flight of artillery shells.

Despite the existence of missile UAures and laser weapons, artillery still remains the basis for the support of land forces. The main disadvantage of its guns is a relatively small range of damage caused by the ballistic trajectory of the shell flight after departure from the trunk.

To solve this problem, the US Army ordered Northrop Grumman to develop a special solid fuel direct-flow air jet engine.

Solid Fuel Ramjet, created by engineers, not only increases the range of flight, but also improves the flight characteristics of the projectile without letting it slow down due to the resistance of the air. In addition, SFRJ allows you to adjust its movement in flight, increasing accuracy, as well as the effectiveness of the defeat of a moving target.

The first tests were carried out on long-range 115-millimeter artillery shells. Tests confirmed that the technology significantly expands the range of American field artillery on any terrain and in difficult weather conditions.

Recall that the US Army’s research unit also works on the prototype of strategic artillery

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