The US Army will experience powerful tracked robots with anti-tank missiles


The center of terrestrial vehicles of the command for the development of the combat capacity of the US Army began to equip combat mobile robots with heavy weapons and a remote control system.

The Qinetiq defense contractor said that he set the first model of the RCV-L mild tracked platform for a robotic combat ground system. At its base, the US Army Engineers plans to create a Javelin anti-tank missiles, a 50th caliber machine gun and a long-range infrared dialing sensors. Despite the automation of most systems, the choice of target and shooting will be answered by an operator that remotely controls the attack.

As part of the program of developing a new type of weapon, the center of ground vehicles plans to create robots of light, medium and heavy class. At the same time, the military will test not only managed, but also the unmanned options that can interact with the CAPP.

Ultimately, the command wants to create a single network that will allow the coordination of the actions of various real-time centers for simultaneously conducting a number of operations.

In addition, last year, the US Army researchers reported that by 2023 they plan to submit a prototype of artillery guns with

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