The price of Bitcoina flew up above $ 23 thousand against the background of the market stir


The Bitcoin course continues to move upwards, raising the plank of the historical maximum, raising it above $ 23 thousand. The rapid growth of cryptocurrencies contributed to several factors that caused high demand.

The current growth wave began yesterday during the day and in the evening the price of the CTS overcame the important psychological mark of $ 20 thousand. However, bulls did not stop at this and after a short break continued to storm new heights. At the time of publication, Bitcoin trades $ 23074 with a daily increase of 16.92%.

According to analysts, the main growth factor was the high interest in the market by institutional investors, which began to actively buy cryptocurrency as a tool for inflation hedge. Increased demand helped traders overcome strong resistance at the level of the previous maximum and successfully move on.

An additional incentive was the announcement of the Chicago Commodity Exchange (CME) on the launch of February 8, 2021 on Ether futures. Although this news is indirectly refers to Bitcoin, it had a general positive effect on the cryptomic, attracting the attention of investors to digital assets.

This factor can also contribute to a significant increase in ETN course in the near future. Over the past 24 hours, the air added 10.4% and at the time of publication traded at $ 646.

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