The new jet engine will allow to fly 16 times faster than sound speed


Chinese researchers test a new type of direct-flow air-reactive engine, which will allow the aircraft to get to any point of the planet in just 2 hours.

According to scientists, the development theoretically be able to accelerate 16 times faster than sound speed. An existing prototype is still tested in a hypersonic aerodynamic pipe of 9 maha, since the only one suitable with imitation 16 Mach is still built. During the tests, he demonstrated high traction indicators, fuel consumption efficiency and functioning stability.

Established at the Institute of Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the direct-flow air-reactive engine with oblique straight detonation does not have moving elements and consists of all of their three main elements: a single-stage air intake, the hydrogen fuel injector and the combustion chamber opens to the upper end of the air intake. Externally, the design is so simple that a little resembles a slide from the playground, but it is capable of revolutionizing commercial air transportation.

When high-speed wind hit, hot high pressure shock waves are created into the inlet. Faced with the hydrogen fuel in the combustion chamber, they cause its explosion that creates a reactive traction.

According to the team of scientists, the idea of the engine created by them belongs to the American engineer Richard Morrison, which described it back in 1980. The US government was not interested in developing, but Chinese researchers found that the gas engine exceeds all existing GPLRD almost in all respects. Previously, these experiments were classified due to the potential of application for military purposes.

The engine sample still remains experienced, so before it is started to apply in commercial aircraft will be held at least ten years.

Previously, engineers of the Middle Kingdom also presented another hypersonic engine for

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