The largest bitcoin-trust accumulated 500,000 PTS for $ 8.36 billion


Under the control of the cryptocurrency fund GRAYSCALE INVESTMENTS is currently half a million bitcoins.

At the rate at the time of publication, the cost of the bitcoin-trust is $ 8.36 billion. Regularly replenishing its digital assets fund, the company has already accumulated about 2.7% of all existing MTS. If the calculation is removed forever lost cryptocurrency, the indicator increases almost to 3.4%.

The trust-oriented trust of GRAYScale is known for its regular large bitcoin purchases. Only over the past week, the company’s fund was replenished by 15907 VTS, and over the past six months he grown by 50%. GrayScale also actively invests on the air and is currently owned by about 2.24% of all ETN for $ 1.18 billion.

Similar regular purchases increase the demand for Bitcoin and create a deficit that stimulates the growth of his course, which recently

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