The first Maglev with high-temperature superconducting suspension is launched


January 13 in the Chinese city of Chengdu began the tests of the world’s first engineering prototype high-temperature superconducting suspension for trains on a magnetic cushion.

According to engineers from Sichuan province, new technologies and methods and methods are used in the magnetic circuit under test, thanks to which the estimated vehicle speed can reach 620 km / h.

These include: a lightweight carbon fiber body, low-resistance locomotive and a superconducting line with a large lifting capacity, which can effectively work at higher temperatures.

It is expected that during the test of Maglev will establish a new speed record for rail transport moving in open conditions.

In the future, designers plan to integrate the system into a network of forvacuum tunnels to create an analogue of the Hyperloop.

Recall that last year in China successfully tested the train prototype on the magnetic cushion,

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