The fate of the Forka of VSN ABS is still questionable, considers CEX IO Technical Director


According to the technical director of the international cryptobiri CEX.IO Dmitry Volkov, while it is too early to talk about the death of the Form Bitcoin Cache ABC, since the situation can still change.

Hardforka cryptocurrencies occur regularly, but most of them pass unnoticed. Attention attracts only those for which the community has not come to the consensus on the introduction of some changes to the blockchain.

The recent split bitcoin cache is associated with a change in the approach to the project financing in the ABC Chain. The new protocol provides that part of the miners reward for the block will be charged for the development of the project. A lot of disturbances from the community also caused a significant amount of tax administered in favor of the developer team.

On the eve of Hardforka, 84.2% of miners supported the development of an alternative project on the BCHN blockchain. Fork ABC did not receive a single voice in his support, so the lower level of hashraith on its network is likely to lead to the fact that ABC will lose computing power, and with it protection against the centralization of emissions and, as a result, the lion’s share of capitalization.

The BCH division of the BCH forced many exchanges to suspend the input and output of the Bitcoin cache for a while, which led to a significant decrease in arbitration between trading platforms. The market has become less global divided into clusters with a noticeable difference in price between them.

However, according to Dmitry Volkov:

The community was also not fully determined with the price of the BCH coins of a smaller blockchain. This can hold out a few more weeks until the ABC situation is stabilized.

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