Sony will release the application to help cooks in developing new recipes


Sony AI launches a new project dedicated to the automation of gastronomic surveys.

The division of the Japanese conglomerate, specializing in studies in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence, will work immediately in three directions: an application for assistance in developing new recipes, robotic solutions for the kitchen, as well as platforms for remote interaction of chefs and researchers.

According to the company’s application, the AIA application will take into account the data on taste, the smell, structure and chemical composition of the ingredients, helping the culinary to create new dishes and menus.

Sony AI will also develop a robot chef that can help in the kitchen throughout the process of cooking and presentation of dishes.

The project team also plans to submit a decision that will simplify global cooperation between the chefs, research institutes and private companies. This initiative will also help the company in the development of its products.

Previously, we also reported the development of an extruder for food, compatible with most 3D printers, which will allow

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