Scientists have found that the usual pressure from pressure can extend the life


Studies have shown that metolason, medicine from hypertension, activates the mechanism of restoration of mitochondria in cells, contributing to an increase in the life expectancy of the body.

Although aging is not a disease, scientists are looking for medicines that can slow down this process and weaken its negative impact on health. One of the aging factors is a decrease in the functionality of mitochondria performing the function of cell energy stations. In the body there is a mechanism for the restoration of these organelle, called the response of the mitochondrial expanded protein.

Researchers from Osaka City University studied the influence of various drugs to stimulate this process. During the tests in several types of worms, scientists found that Metolason contributed to a noticeable increase in the duration of their life, highlighting the background of approximately 3,000 other tested drugs.

They found that the drug against hypertension, which has been known for more than 50 years, has a strong influence on the HSP-6 gene (known as HSPA9 in humans), participating in the activation of the response of the mitochondrial expanded protein.

Subsequent experiments with individual groups of human cells also showed increased gene expression. As a result, the team made an assumption that the anti-aging effect of the metolasone can manifest itself in mammals.

Although additional research will be required to check the effect of the drug on longevity, but this cheap and well-known drug showed much better results than all approved drugs to control aging.

Recall that recent scientists

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