Scientists first achieved superconductivity at room temperature


The researchers finally found a way to create free from resistance of electricity flow under room temperature.

The creation of superconductors without electrical resistance and the magnetic field is the «holy grain» of physics, as it will open the path to technologies that will drastically change our world. So far, such properties have been observed only in some materials under negative temperatures. However, scientists from the Rochester University reported the achievement of superconductivity at 15 ° C and a pressure of 2.74 million kg per cm2.

For this, the team combined hydrogen in diamond anvil with carbon and gray for the photochemical synthesis of a simple organic hydride of sulfuric acid. In the future, researchers will start searching for materials that become superconductors at lower pressure.

According to physicists committed by them, the opening already allows the use of sulfur hydride to reduce losses in high-voltage electrical networks, increase the efficiency of trains on magnetic pillows, MRI devices and computing systems.

In addition, researchers also develop a new type of material that can conduct

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