Scientists confirmed that the structure of the brain has many similarities with the structure of the Universe


Comparing the features of the structure of the neuron network of the human brain with the distribution of galaxies in the universe, scientists have discovered many similarities.

Scientists from Bologna and Verona universities conducted a study to determine whether structures with the same levels of complexity and self-organization are formed as a result of various physical processes.

In their work, they rely on the fact that the human brain has 69 million neurons, and the web of the observed universe includes at least 100 million galaxies. At the same time, only 30% of the structure of both systems accounted for active elements that form long fibers with nodes, combined into a single network. The remaining 70% is passive components: dark energy in the universe and water in the brain.

On the left is shown a snapshot of the cerebellum convection with a 40-fold increase, on the right — a portion of the model of the space web structure with an expansion of 300 million light years on each side.

Based on these common characteristics, English Astrophysicist and Italian neurosurgeon calculated the spectral density of the objects under study to study fluctuations of their substance. The analysis showed that the level of oscillations in the neural network corresponds to the progression of matter distribution in space. Scientists have also determined that they have similar parameters of clustering and the number of compounds in the internal nodes, and the interactions in both structures are developing according to similar physical principles.

Researchers hope that such comparisons will best understand the features of the development of two systems and improve the analysis methods. Recently, astronomers actively use scientific achievements from various spheres in their work, for example, NASA wants to photograph Exoplanet surfaces using

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