Physics successfully transferred the light stored in the quantum memory device


The researchers team reported a successful controlled light transfer stored in quantum memory for a distance exceeding the size of the carrier.

The captured light during transportation to another place is usually lost. However, scientists from the University of Johann Gutemberg, the University of Mainz, managed to avoid this using a special storage device. As a carrier, they used the cloud of ultracold atoms Rubida-87, controlled by the «optical conveyor belt» method.

In fact, physicists closed the light into a dark box of cold atoms, which moved by 1.2 mm without damaging the contents. Such a storage method was developed in 2018 by the team of Canadian University Alberta.

Achievement opens the way to develop effective optical communication systems and storing quantum data without loss of information, for example, creating repeaters blocks or storage devices for light with separate reading sections.

These technologies are already actively developing and last year the world’s first optical transistor with a frequency of 2 THz operating at room temperature has already been created.

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