New zinc battery 10 times more powerful modern lithium-ion


The researchers have developed a prototype of a flexible zinc battery from silver and zinc oxide, the container of which is 10 times higher than that of modern lithium-ion devices.

Batteries based on zinc and silver oxide for a long time are considered an alternative to lithium-ion structures due to high energy and security density. However, they have not yet been widespread due to instability, which reduces their service life. A team from California University in San Diego was able to solve this problem with the help of a new cathode material.

To increase the electrochemical stability and conductivity of the battery, scientists used a lead oxide coating, parallel to reducing the resistance to the variable current or electrical impedance. Next, they developed special inks, which using screen printing allowed to create flexible battery elements by applying them to a polymer film with a melting point of more than 200 ° C.

The battery manufactured in this way has a capacity of 50 mA per cm2, which is 10-20 times more than a typical lithium-ion drive. According to the team, with the same amount, its power will be 5-10 times higher than the existing analogues.

Researchers checked the efficiency of the new battery on the flexible display with Bluetooth modules. After 80 charging / discharge cycles, there were no serious signs of loss of tank, even despite multiple deformations.

Such batteries can contribute to the development of flexible electronics, wearable devices, soft robotics and internet things.

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