NASA will buy lunar dust from private companies


National Aeronautics and Space Space Space Research has concluded a contract with four private companies for collecting and subsequent transmission of samples of residual lunar soil.

Total for the purchase of regolith, the US space agency will spend only $ 25001. At the same time, LUNAR OUTPOST OF GOLDEN will sell lunar dust for only $ 1, two ISpace divisions are $ 5 thousand, and Masten Space Systems will earn most of all, receiving $ 15 thousand. Their sample collection missions are scheduled for 2022-2023.

After the companies excel a small amount of regolith and provide NASA photos, the right of exceptional property will immediately go to the customer. Although in the Space Agreement of 1967 it is said that the outer space «cannot be nationalized or assigned in any way.

The space agency plans to use acquired samples for research within the framework of the Artemis program, providing for the creation of a lunar scientific station by 2024.

Despite the insignificant amount and volumes of delivery, the precedent of the purchase of resources collected outside the land will become an important factor for the development of the space production industry. At the same time, the lunar program will lay the foundation for subsequent research on Mars.

As part of the Artemis program, the Agency also financed the deployment of the network

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