Milirem Robotics began testing combat robotic armored vehicles to support tanks


The Estonian company Milirem Robotics began field tests of a combat robotic Type-X machine, intended for intelligence and fire support for mechanized parts.

Mobile autonomous platform weighing 12 t can carry up to 4.1 tons of payload, including various gun modules up to 50 mm of guns and anti-missile installation. All systems can be installed on a light tower with remote control.

TYPE-X is also equipped with a 360-degree panoramic sight, cameras with a PZS matrix, thermal insperes and built-in cameras. All of them interact with the system of artificial intelligence supporting the functions of the following, navigating the route points and detect obstacles.

The rear arrangement of the engine and the height of 68 cm makes the platform quite secretive when moving. It has rubber caterpillars and can move forward at the maximum speed of up to 80 km / h and up to 50 km / h reverse.

The main purpose of the robotic platform is the support of the main tanks, armored personnel carriers and other combat vehicles, as well as a breakthrough of the defensive position of the enemy with a minimal risk for soldiers. At the same time, it can provide equal or superior firepower.


Previously, we also reported the start test

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