In Japan, we develop satellites with wooden trim combining in the atmosphere


The researchers study the possibility of using wood as the main constructive material of orbital satellites that will burn in the earth’s atmosphere after the output from operation.

The housing of most devices consists of aluminum alloys and kevlar capable of withstanding extreme conditions of open space. The opposite side of their strength and reliability medals is the durability of staying in orbit in the form of cosmic garbage. Currently, about 6 thousand satellites are rotating around the Earth, 40% of which are no longer used.

In addition to the fact that the cosmic debris, moving at a speed of 28 thousand km / h, is a serious threat to new satellites and manned ships, the fragments of the casing over time are disintegrated into tiny particles of alumina, polluting the upper layers of the atmosphere. As the number of launches increases, this may lead to an environmental problem.

The Japanese company Sumitomo Forestry, together with the University of Kyoto, is planning to solve this problem using wood to create satellite housing. Such a shell will be completely burned in the atmosphere and can easily pass electromagnetic waves without any problems, which will allow placing antennas inside the design and simplify the design.

In the near future, the team will experiment with different varieties of wood, selecting those that, after special processing, can withstand extreme conditions of space. The first tests of finished samples should begin in 2023.

The space community recognized the seriousness and last year Eka already

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