Ex-Prime Minister Canada said that Bitcoin can enter the number of reserve currencies


According to the former Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, in the near future, Bitcoin can become an alternative reserve currency.

Speaking at the investment conference, he said that only a large national currency is capable of replacing the US dollar as the main RV, such as euro or yuan. However, due to the uncertainty of the long-term cost of the first and methods of maintaining the second course, it is unlikely.

At the same time, Stephen Harper believes that in the near future the reserve currency basket will expand, and in addition to gold and other valuable assets, Bitcoin will be able to enter this list. By adding that so far nothing is threatened by the departure of the US dollar.

The ex-prime minister also said that the appearance of digital currencies of central banks is the inevitable stage of market evolution, but the degree of their distribution and the level of integration will be able to decide on global financial institutions.

Words Stephen Harper go in one bed with forecasts of JPMorgan Chase analysts, which in the December report noted, the gradual recognition of Bitcoin as a reserve asset has a direct impact on the gold market,

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