Engineers developed the first autonomous boat for urban channels


The MIT team introduced a robotic boat that can independently move through water channels with intensive movement and coordinate its actions with other unmanned ships.

Two-meter Roboat II is equipped with a wide range of sensors, with which it is oriented in space and perceives surrounding objects. The built-in system can interact with other unmanned boats, which allows you to organize group actions. For example, form a whole flotilla, a floating bridge or platform.

At the same time, one boat can lead the fleet of slave boats without sensors, acting as a leader. Roboat II successfully passed tests on the Charles River in Boston, and a four-meter model for testing in urban channels is being built in Amsterdam. After three hours of operation, the vessel returned to the starting point of sailing with an error of 17 cm.

According to developers, small robotic boats can also be used for mapping, analyzing water pollution and other highly specialized tasks.

Currently, the team of engineers of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is working on a larger lifting capacity project and long-term battery life.

Recall that last year the largest Japanese shipping company NYK reported the completion of the first tests

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