Diamond production in a couple of minutes at room temperature became real


Researchers have developed a new diamond production method, which allows you to create two rare types of superproof material in a few minutes at room temperature.

To form this mineral in nature, it is required that the coal has been in millions of years in the earth’s crust at a depth of about 150 km, where huge pressure and temperature will change its structure. Despite the existence of various technologies for the production of artificial diamonds, they usually simulate the necessary conditions on the surface and occupy a lot of time.

The international group of scientists led by the team from the Australian National University unexpectedly discovered that the same result could be achieved much faster and in conventional temperature conditions. The essence of their method is an unusual method of an application of high pressure, which more resembles the process of twisting or sliding.

In such conditions, channels of heavy-duty crystalline structures are formed from carbon atoms. The outer layer consists of LonsDelita, and the inner lived from ordinary diamonds.

In the future, the team will be improved by the new method to establish the production of a large number of material for the needs of mining enterprises.

In addition to improving production technology, scientists invent new types of heavy-duty materials with unique properties. So researchers created perititride nitride of rhenium, which has a high electrical conductivity, as a metal, but is superhard as a diamond.

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