Darpa develops a compact night vision device in ordinary glasses


The management of promising research projects of the US Department of Defense (DARPA) launched a program for the development of a multi-spectral night vision system, which will be lightweight and compact as a pair of traditional glasses.

Despite the fact that night vision devices are used by the military since the 60s, they are still cumbersome and heavy, and the field of view is three times less than usual. These problems make them inconvenient and create a large burden on the neck, aggravating the need for frequent head turns.

Therefore, in Darpa, we decide to use advanced achievements in the field of photonics and optical materials to replace the current complex electronic system on one flat lens. Researchers plan to achieve photon conversion from infrared to the visible part of the spectrum, combining planar optics with new thin materials and methods of interaction of light with substances.

The one-step conversion process with an increase in frequency will significantly reduce the size and mass of the device, making it more similar to ordinary glasses.

Another interesting DARPA development is

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