Created a pocket cooling device based on a cascade effect


Researchers have developed a portable electrocaloric coolant with a four-level cascade mechanism that can reduce the temperature in a room at 15 ° C.

Recent technical achievements allow you to create more compact and flexible equipment. The team from the University of California in Los Angeles worked on the creation of a small efficient system, which could provide the user with personal thermal comfort in an office or residential building.

As a result, a pocket cooler made of electrocalorial polymer film was created. Under the action of the electric field, it heats up, and when removing the voltage, its temperature decreases. Scientists used this effect to remove heat from the source.

The initial variant of the device consisted of a polymer film, which when the voltage was submitted, was driven to the heat sink to reduce the temperature. After cooling, the field was disconnected, and the film was moved to the heat source for energy absorption. Such a design worked efficiently, but had a weak impact, cooling the source of 4 ° C.

To increase the range of temperatures, the researchers decided to apply a cascade mechanism by combining 4 such coolers into one system. This made it possible to expand the working range almost to 15 ° C. However, even after an increase in the number of layers, the thickness of the device was 1 cm.

According to the team, such a mechanism will increase the efficiency of cooling devices by about three times. At the same time, they will work silently and even be flexible.

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