China has developed a new type of train adapting to any width of the gauge


The Chinese company CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles presented a high-speed train of a new generation, which is capable of adapting to different width of the rut and working conditions.

The designed model can develop speed up to 400 km / h and equipped with wheels that are able to adapt to various standards of railways. If necessary, they can change their width without the need to raise wagons to replace the chassis on the border zones. This allows the train to continue moving along the rails of another track without technical delays, although not at the maximum speed.

Today, there are four main types of ruts that differ in their width (1676 mm, 1520 mm, 1435 mm and 1067 mm), which complicates transportation on international railway routes. The need to change the wheels significantly reduces the efficiency of flights, because it requires not only more than two hours of time to each such replacement, but also additional efforts to solve various related problems.

According to the manufacturer, new trains are more economical, since they consume 10% less energy, produce less noise when driving, as well as capable of operating at ambient temperatures from -50 to 50 ° C. In addition, they are equipped with a set of smart sensors, the system of operational diagnostics of problems to improve the level of security.

Recently in China also successfully experienced a train prototype on a magnetic cushion,

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