Chemists have developed the technology of «green» production of ammonia


Scientists have found an environmentally friendly way to produce ammonia, which also allows you to use it for storing and transporting energy.

Ammonia is an important chemical for agriculture, which accounts for 80% of its consumption. Its use allows to increase the yield of food crops four times. However, modern industrial production of NH3 according to the Gabera Bosha method requires significant costs of thermal energy, consequently fossil fuels, and is associated with significant separation of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

According to environmental evaluations, the production of ammonia today accounts for 2% of world energy consumption and 1% CO2 emissions.

Now chemist engineers from the University of New South Wales have developed a new technology of obtaining it, which allows it to produce it near the place of consumption without the contamination of the atmosphere. Their method is based on the use of plasma of atmospheric pressure caused inside water bubbles.

This method is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. In addition to the production of fertilizers, such ammonia can be used to temporarily storing hydrogen fuel or an independent source of energy.

Previously, we also reported that scientists were able to convert

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