By 2030, the digital yuan will use 1 billion people, predicts Goldman Sachs


The Goldman Sachs Investment Bank predicts that in 10 years it will have 15% of all electronic payments in the world.

According to economists, in a recent report, by 2030, the number of registered users of the National Digital Currency of China will reach one billion. By that time, 1.6 trillion yuan will be stored in the system ($ 229 billion), and the annual turnover of payments will be 19 trillion yuan ($ 2.7 trillion).

The document also says that the Digital Yuan project will be able to successfully compete with the current services of non-cash settlements, since it will offer similar opportunities with a higher level of anonymity and security.

In addition, economists predict that in the long run, the innovative payment system will strengthen the position of banks, gradually expanding their client base and selecting the market for the retail finance market from FINTH-companies.

Do not forget that the Chinese government is interested in promoting the project. Recently, the regulators of the country stopped the IPO Ant Group, the Alibaba Fintech division, and the National Bank of the country presented a bill that should

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