Boeing is developing a laser weapon with a capacity of 250 kW and a supersonic system about


Boeing received a contract for $ 30 million to develop a new missile defense system, and also participates in the creation of a 250 kW liquid laser.

Aerospace giant, which is an American military contractor, announced participation in several projects to create advanced weapons. In the official press release, Boeing announced the conclusion of a major contract with the US Navy to develop a prototype of an improved solid-fuel direct-flow air-reactive engine with support for supersonic thrust for pro.

New rockets will increase the effectiveness of marine and terrestrial combat systems, as well as shock fighters when protecting aircraft carriers from the supervocate weapons of the enemy. Under the contract, the Company must submit a demonstration version of PVRD until the end of 2022.

In addition, the other American defense contractor General Atomics reported that it cooperates with Boeing as part of the project to create high-energy weapons of the next generation for the US Army. Shared companies operate above the liquid laser system with a 250 kW output. The modular design will allow you to distribute strengthening and combine the pulse series to generate a continuous beam, which will increase efficiency and flexibility when attacking goals.

General Atomics is responsible for developing integrated equipment for controlling the thermal regime and a powerful lithium-ion battery of high density capable of storing 3 MJ energy as well as a laser. Boeing will supply a beam direction device and for accurate detection and guidance.

While the US Army finances supersonic missile defense systems, China is already experiencing new

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