Bitmex Exchange users brought 45,000 bitcoins from the date of charge CFTC


According to Crystal Blockchain, less than two days after the US authorities put forward Bitmex accusations of illegal activities, the Exchange clients have already brought more than 45 thousand bitcoins worth about $ 473 million.

October 1 Commission on Commodity Futures USA (CFTC)

Despite the fact that in the official statement of the Exchange refuted all the accusations, many users considered these assurances with unconvincing and began to withdraw digital assets from their trading accounts. Although the Bitmex storage still has more than 120 thousand bitcoins, which indicates confidence from most customers.

Analysis of transactions also showed that most of the funds were transferred to other cryptobiruses. The GEMINI, BINANCE, OKEX and HUOBI platforms, which received in less than 48 hours, felt the greatest influx.

Behind the outflow of funds also followed the decrease in the indicators of the activity of Bitmex. It is still unclear how the trial will end, but lawyers consider the most likely that the stock exchange will be forced to pay several fines and reconsider the methods of their activities.

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