Bitcoin’s course took up to $ 13 thousand after the announcement of PayPal on the support of cryptocurrencies


Yesterday, Bitcoin’s course established a new annual maximum of $ 13.2 thousand, rising over a day by more than $ 1000.

According to analysts, an incentive of such rapid growth was the announcement of the largest electronic payment system PayPal on the start of support for cryptocurrency on its platform. The company will allow customers to buy, sell and store Bitcoin (PTS), Ether (ETN) Lightcoin (LTC) and Bitcoin-Cash (VN). However, users will not be able to display or deposit them, how to manage closed wallets keys.

Despite serious limited management opportunities, the market has optimally perceived the news, which further reinforced the existing upward trend. As a result, at night, Bitcoin briefly climbed above $ 13 thousand, but the subsequent correction killed a course to a level of $ 12.8 thousand, which he continues to hold. At the time of publication of the BTS trades $ 12775 with a daily increase of 5.23%.

The growth of the market also contributes to an increase in the interest from institutional investors, which indicates a six-time increase in the cost of transactions over the past three months.

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