Bitcoin’s course reached a new historical maximum $ 19865


During the rapid restoration on November 30, Bitcoin’s course rose to the maximum indicator in the entire history of the existence of the first cryptocurrency.

On Monday, the price of the MTS rose from $ 18250 to a record $ 19865 record, and then quickly fell to $ 19500. After a minor skull rollback, they tried to repeat success several times, but they could not raise the course above $ 19750. At the time of publication, Bitcoin trades $ 19521 with a daily increase of 5.6%.

Experts believe that the achievement of a historic maximum is due to the high activity of retail investors, although the initial bullish impulse proceeded from large players. They also celebrate a significant influx of assets on cryptoch trading accounts after the Correction of the CTC rate dropped to $ 16,400.

In addition, the positive impact on the cryptocurrency market as a whole has a high interest in the air derivatives (ETN), which is still significantly lower than its historical maximum of $ 1432.


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