Bitcoin survived the largest decline in the last 10 months


On January 21, Bitcoin survived the largest recession since the collapse of the market in March 2020.

The decline in the BTC course was 13% erased a significant part of the growth for the current year, reducing this indicator to 6%. During the collapse, the price asked below $ 29 thousand for the first time from January 5. At the time of publication, the leading cryptocurrency is traded at $ 30.8 thousand.

According to parts of analysts, yesterday, the decline indicates that Bitcoin may have achieved its short-term price peak and switched to the stagnation phase. They do not exclude a coup rollback right up to support levels in the range of $ 20-24 thousand.

The recent reminders of representatives of large financial companies on cyclicity and volatility of a digital asset also could encourage investors to fix profits. Since many use Bitcoin as a portfolio diversification tool, the sale to minimize the risk can be quite justified.

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