A preparation has been developed that stops arthritis and restores cartilage


Researchers have created a synthetic drug whose injections help the body to regenerate cartilage during arthritis.

Chrying plays a key role in our joints, as depreciates the forces arising during movements. This fabric is not restored naturally, so it can be destroyed since or as a result of injuries and diseases. Arthritis is one of the most common causes of disability and causes severe pain when driving.

In recent years, scientists are looking for various ways to slow down the degradation of cartilage and its recovery. The team from the University of Pennsylvania decided to use a new synthetic molecule to treat, which stimulates the growth of the new fabric.

The researchers found that the deficit of the epidermal growth factor accelerates the progression of osteoarthritis in mice. Therefore, they suggested that his activation can help in his treatment. Introducing this protein in the knee joint of laboratory animals with arthritis, scientists fixed the slowdown in the degradation of cartilage, even among the group with remote menus.

Since the free ligands of the transforming growth factor of Alpha have a short half-life, the team attached them in advance to synthetic nanoparticles, which were injected into knees of mice, by injection. In addition to the transport function, the nanoparticles also slow down the tissue destruction and reduce the toxicity of the drug outside the joint.

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