A new ventricular implant with external power supply reduces appetite for the treatment of obesity


Researchers have developed a compact implant that affects the light at the end of the wandering nerve in the stomach to suppress the feeling of hunger.

Sometimes very complete people for weight loss resort to operations on the workplace gastric anastomosis, which is associated with serious surgical intervention. Also exist experimental devices that are implanted in the stomach to stimulate the feeling of satiety, but they have large enough and have wires.

Now scientists from the University of Texas A & M presented the implant prototype with wireless power than only 1 cm long. It consists of a spiral antenna, a set of microchips and tiny LEDs located on a flexible tip. When the system catches radio waves from a special external transmitter, it converts them to electricity to power LEDs.

Emitted light stimulates the ending of the wandering nerve, reducing appetite. Since the patient ceases to feel hunger, its food intake decreases.

The team successfully experienced the device on laboratory mice.

Such technologies will help to fight with other common diseases. Recently, scientists also developed

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