A genetic factor is opened, allowing the skin of an adult to recover without scars


Researchers determined that the genetic factor performing the function of the molecular switch during the formation of hair follicles in newborns, allows the skin of an adult to recover, like in babies.

The team from Washington University found that it usually turns off immediately after the formation of the skin in the first weeks of life and the rest of his life remains inactive in the tissues. When, during the experiments, scientists activated it in specialized cells in adult mice, wounds on their skin began to be heard without the formation of scars, it was fur and even observed the effect of goose skin, which is usually absent on the scars.

According to scientists, an open transcription factor of LEF1 (proteins connected to DNA and affecting or turning off genes) makes it possible to restore the degenerate ability to regenerate. It is associated with papillary fibroblasts, which develop cells in the papilla with a layer of dermis, giving the skin elasticity and a young look.

In the future, the team will continue to study this factor in order to better understand the mechanism of its influence on the regeneration of tissues, as well as find other similar switches.

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